SAP Business One has been localized for the national standards of over 40 countries and the user interface is available in nearly 30 languages. You can find skilled SAP Business One partners all over the world, so it is possible to arrange local user support in nearly any country.

Multi-company environment

SAP Business One makes the enterprise resource planning and financial administration of group companies possible even if the companies operate in different countries and under different legislation and standards. Each individual juristic company has its own database, but users can have access to the databases of different companies from the same user interface with the same login information and user rights.

Data transfer and consolidation between group companies

SAP Business One’s Intercompany Integration makes automatic data transfer between group companies possible. The Intercompany Integration can be used to, for example, replicate item and business partner master data between companies, automate intercompany purchases, sales and accounting’s journal entries, and create multilevel, consolidated financial reporting.

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