SAP Business One together with the ProcessForce add-on enable bidirectional batch-level traceability from the end product to the raw materials and vice versa. This means that you can trace the raw or contact materials used for a particular end product batch and to which customers the batch in question has been supplied to. On the other hand, you can also trace all the end product batches in which a particular raw or contact material batch has been used and which supplier supplied the original batch.

Product information management

The solution enables comprehensive and detailed management of product information. The software handles multilevel recipes from raw materials, materials and semi-finished products to end products, by-products and tie-ins. Detailed information such as item ingredients and allergen records, for example, can be stored in the ERP system’s item master data, easily accessible whenever required. The product information can also be used to automatically control the product’s shelf life information and batch ID generation and regulatory properties such as classifications and certificates.

Production planning and production management

Various resources such as machines, tools or workstations can be defined in production. A product can be assigned with a route along which production uses different resources according to the stage of production. The turnaround time for each product can be calculated automatically based on its stages of production, based on which the software can schedule production as desired. The software automatically calculates the raw material and material needs of a given moment based on the production schedule and creates orders or order proposals if desired.

Pick lists can be generated for production orders and are viewable in the handheld computer software included in the solution. Production employees can collect and enter collected raw materials and materials to the production order with the handheld computer software. In addition, the finished products can also be entered in the system with the handheld computer on the floor.


The quality system of the company can also be turned electronic. Different quality tests such as laboratory tests, sensory tests or transport vehicle checks can easily be defined in the system. Quality tests can be set to be performed according to the company’s quality system at different stages of the process such as the reception of raw materials, production or storage.

EDI messaging with central trading groups

Especially in the operational environment of the food industry, EDI messaging in the order-to-delivery process is usually a vital necessity. Profiz implements EDI messaging with SAP Business One’s standardized integration platform and, in addition to the implementation, we also take responsibility for monitoring the electronic message traffic and maintaining the integration.

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