Published in 24.2.2022.

With SAP Business One, Etiproducts will increase their operational efficiency and integration to their parent company. 

Ab Etiproducts Oy was established in 1982 in Finland and is a subsidiary of Eti Maden IGM established in 1935 in Turkey. Eti Maden IGM is a state-owned company and is the world-leading boron producer and supplier. In the last few years, Ab Etiproducts Oy has considerably increased its business in terms of quantity sold and turnover. They run over 100 MEUR turnover yearly and deliver over 240 000 metric tons of products. Due to the growth, their current ERP system is not able to satisfy their business needs anymore and they chose SAP Business One as their next ERP system. 

Etiproducts’ parent company, Eti Maden IGM, with over 5000 employees and several production plants in Turkey, has been using SAP HANA for several years. ”We wanted to use SAP’s product, just as our parent company does, and therefore SAP Business One was a natural choice for us“, explains the General Manager of Ab Etiproducts Oy. SAP Business One has 50 localizations in over 170 countries, so it’s a suitable solution to be implemented not only in Finland but also in other subsidiaries in the future. “In the long term, we want SAP to communicate with our parent company and partner companies all around the globe”, the GM unfolds. SAP Business One can be integrated to other subsidiaries and HQ’s ERP system by leveraging SAP B1 REST API.

With SAP Business One, Etiproducts will increase their operational efficiency. In the short term, they expect SAP B1 to decrease the problems caused by their current ERP, such as manual and duplicate work in maintaining Excel and PowerPoint files. “We want to increase our efficiency by avoiding mistakes and focusing on our core business”, explains the GM. Etiproducts operates fully through external warehouses and with SAP B1, operations in external warehouses are timely recorded directly in the ERP system. Lotta Airas, CEO of Profiz, further explains: “Efficiency will be gained with around-the-clock, up-to-date inventories both on quantity and value, product costs and thus correct product margins without separate calculations in the system and batch management and full traceability throughout the supply chain. When the operative transactions are done in the system, fully automated bookkeeping takes place in the background.”

Profiz is experienced in working with similar multinational companies and implementing and running SAP B1 in their subsidiaries, not to mention the expertise regarding integrations and operating with external warehouses. The GM of Etiproducts explains: “We are a big company in terms of turnover and a small company in terms of number of employees. We want to work efficiently and use our resources professionally. We believe that chaining ERP is a big and important decision for any company. We want a smooth transitional period. Thus, we want to work with a local and professional and experienced company, Profiz.” Respectively, Lotta Airas enthuses: “We are really excited about working with Etiproducts since they are a motivated team that truly works together for a common goal which makes them very enjoyable to work with”.

Furthermore, Profiz and Etiproducts are a great match in business culture. “There is a shared appreciation for honesty and outspoken communication. Both parties are extremely passionate about their business and want to aim high and focus on things that actually create value and efficiency,” states Lotta Airas. Profiz has been particularly impressed by the open-mindedness Etiproducts has shown, even when it comes to fundamental changes in their operations and ways of working. The company’s forward thinking nature is driven by their core goals. Etiproducts wants to develop their company in terms of infrastructure, human resources & education, hardware & software, and new technologies. “Companies who are professional, well-organized and use great tools, such as SAP Business One, will be one step ahead in the market”, explains the GM of Etiproducts.

SAP Business One implementation project is currently ongoing and go-live is scheduled for early autumn. 

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Ab Etiproducts Oy 

Ab Etiproducts Oy was established in 1982 in Finland and is a subsidiary of Eti Maden IGM established in 1935 in Turkey. Eti Maden IGM is the world-leading boron producer and supplier. Ab Etiproducts Oy has a yearly turnover of 100 MEUR and the company delivers over 240 000 metric tons of boron products per year.